Ntegrating seamlessly into the European and Amerian logistics network, we provide a smooth transport of goods from sender to recipient. From China warehousing to destination last mile delivery, supporting your cross-border e-commerce growth every step of the way.

Service Benefit

Our aging is stable, and you can arrange shipments in a planned way to ensure sufficient and stable overseas stocks to avoid additional costs and risks caused by shortages or stockpiling.
Our prices are market-competitive, you can save more logistics costs by using our logistics services.
We have strong customs clearance capabilities and a professional tax team to solve your security concerns to help you better develop overseas business.


1. Billing method
  1. This quotation is limited to the FBA warehouse where the receiving address is, and the freight quotation is RMB/CBM quotation, which is priced according to the actual warehouse data;
  1. The charging weight shall be the larger value according to the volume weight and the actual weight, and the volume weight ratio shall be as follows: length (CM) * width (CM) * height (CM)/6000;
  1. Free door-to-door pick-up is available in Shenzhen, and pick-up outside Shenzhen requires a separate payment for the pick-up fee;
  1. Freight quotation: ---Customs declaration fee, commodity inspection fee (inquiry for commodity inspection product list), additional costs due to customs inspection (inspection fee, warehouse rent and cabinet rent).
2. Weight and size requirements
  1. 15KGS ≤ single box weight ≤ 30KGS, less than 15KGS will be charged as 15KGS; single piece weighing more than 30 kg, please consult usseparately;
  1. A minimum goods in a single FBA warehouse is100KGS, less than 100KGS will be calculated and collected according to 100KGS;
  1. Single piece size requirements: the longest side ≤120CM, the second long side ≤76CM, and the girth (length+2*width+2*height)≤320CM, please consult us for oversize goods.
3. Declaration requirements
  1. The product declaration information must be consistent with the actual goods and meet the regulatory requirements of the exporting and importing country. All SKUs need to provide platform sales links;
  1. All electronic appliances, medical supplies, toys, personal protective equipment and other products must have CE certification, and the products must be affixed with the CE label; electrical and electronic products must also be issued with Rohs certification;
  1. The import of goods requires detailed manufacturer information identification;
  1. When the destination customs determines that the product involves brand, certification, quality and other issues, the customer needs to provide relevant certification. If the goods are detained or destroyed or returned due to the inability to provide the information required by the customs in time, all responsibilities and expenses shall be borne by the customer bear.
4. Principles of Claims

If the goods are delayed or lost, the compensation clause shall be based on the contract or consult our business sales separately.