Logistics plays a significant role in cross-border e-commerce operations, and for cross-border e-commerce exports, logistics timeliness, damage, delivery rate, etc. are closely related to user experience. Optimizing the logistics cost of cross-border e-commerce is a problem that many sellers are eager to solve, so today I will talk about some ways to effectively reduce logistics costs.

Carefully designed packaging. Sellers can reduce the cost of international express delivery by reducing the weight and volume of the package. At the same time, in terms of the material of the package, try to choose light, durable and strong materials to reduce the overall weight.

Pay attention to logistics information in advance. At the end of each year, a large number of logistics carriers will release information on increasing logistics rates. They will adjust their tariffs from December to March of the following year. During this period, sellers should pay more attention to logistics-related information, adjust the logistics plan in a timely manner, and reduce the impact caused by shipping costs increase.

Cooperate with international freight forwarding companies. As an agency company, the international freight forwarding company has a lower receiving price. If you choose a reliable international freight forwarding company to ship, you can enjoy discounted delivery.

Handle LCL shipments smartly. The transportation procedure of LCL is more complicated than that of FCL, and the freight is relatively more flexible. First of all, the seller must confirm all the items charged in writing to prevent the carrier from setting up a name afterwards. Secondly, calculate the weight and size of the goods clearly to prevent them from increasing the price in disguise. Finally, the seller needs to find a company that specializes in LCL. This kind of company directly assembles containers, and the freight and surcharges charged are much lower than those of intermediate companies. Didadi, as a company that provides professional logistics services, can provide sellers with professional LCL services.

Reduce return disputes. If you want to minimize logistics costs, you must reduce disputes over returns and exchanges from the source. In addition to requiring the manufacturer to strictly control the quality of the product, it is also necessary to make the detailed description of each product very detailed and accurate, so as to prevent the buyer from having a psychological gap when receiving the product, which will not only cause return disputes, but also may get poor reviews. Comments will affect the future operation of the store.

The above points are the methods that can effectively reduce logistics costs. Cross-border sellers can take effective measures according to your actual situation to reduce logistics costs while ensuring the quality of operations.