This Christmas is the one that will never be forgotten. The United States and Canada encountered extreme weather, which was called a “bomb cyclone” by experts, and was hailed as “once-in-a-generation”. More than 15,000 flights were delayed or canceled! Some airports are already overcrowded.

After this incident, the seller’s product sales are even more bleak than previous Christmases. However, the arrival of this bomb cyclone is also announcing to everyone: the peak season of Amazon this year is over! The sales and profits of the store and revenue and expenses of the company this year all have been settled.

The next most important thing is no longer to expect sales, but to do the following:

  1. Clear inventory. Many sellers wrongly estimated the sales volume in this busy season, resulting in a large number of unsalable inventory in the FBA warehouse. And at present, Amazon has introduced a variety of overdue storage fees for unsalable inventory. When you receive the bill, you will realize how slow your response to clearing the inventory is.During these days, you can try to clear the inventory through promotions and other means.
  2. Do a review. Christmas is over and the peak season is over. If you are not satisfied with the operating results this year, do you still want to live another year like this year? Of course not, so it is still very important to review the operation. Review the operating methods of this year, which ones are effective and which ones are ineffective, which ones should be continued and copied below.And shut down those that made you lose money. These things must be deeply analyzed and reflected.
  3. Prepare for next year’s product development. Amazon sellers live by their products. The next year’s product planning must be done well. Whether to continue this year’s product line or continue to expand to the surrounding areas, whether to develop vertically or to advance vertically, these Questions are all Amazon sellers need to think about at the end of the year.It will be a bit late to think about these issues in the spring of next year.
  4. Make a good sales target and plan for next year. After summing up the shortcomings and advantages of this year, the next step is to make a plan for the second year. As big as the overall planning and direction of the platform store, as small as which logistics providers to cooperate with, it must be well planned, so that there will be no chaos when it is implemented.

The end of this year’s peak season also means the start of a new round of competition, and we should also be ready for the next peak season.