Uncertain factors such as trade policies, weather, and disasters often affect the speed of logistics, which can lead to logistics delays, or economic losses to sellers and affect the experience of consumers. How to reduce the occurrence of such situations and reduce logistics emergencies.

Let’s learn about the common emergencies and solutions in the logistics process.

  1. The update of parcel logistics information is slow. Generally, the logistics information that appears for the first time will be updated within 1-2 days. If your freight forwarder is too slow to collect goods and update too slowly, it is recommended that you compare several companies and choose again. Spectrum service providers are better.
  2. During the special period when the customs checks and stays under strict customs control, the speed of customs clearance will slow down, and it is normal to stay for 3-5 days. At this time, the seller can first send a situation statement to the buyer, explain the situation, and ask for patience. After all Customs clearance is beyond our control. If the package is really seized, it is recommended to resend it to the buyer immediately.
  3. Delays during holidays and holidays. Statutory holidays like Spring Festival and National Day, many people are on vacation, and it is difficult for logistics service providers to deliver packages in time. Therefore, the seller should inform the buyer of the situation in advance, preferably before the buyer places an order. Then give a holiday announcement to let the buyer know.
  4. Sudden climate disasters When logistics encounter sudden climate disasters, such as typhoons and snowstorms, flights will be canceled, railways will be closed, and logistics will be delayed. It is necessary to notify buyers in time and follow up on follow-up logistics trends.
  5. Logistics congestion in peak seasons Many sellers have experienced logistics congestion in peak seasons, so they should make a stocking plan in advance, understand the number of warehouses that logistics service providers can leave for you, and find more cooperation partners to be prepared. At the same time, diversified logistics channels are also the choice of many sellers. Eggs cannot be put in one basket. For example, products with a short life cycle such as clothing can be shipped by air to overseas warehouses first, and then go to the FBA door-to-door delivery service.
  6. Lost or damaged packages Lost and damaged packages are also a problem that makes sellers very helpless. Here, the value and profit of the product should be measured. For high-value products, it is best to choose insurance policy service when mailing. If the package is lost, the logistics company will press At the same time, contact the buyer as soon as possible to negotiate whether to arrange re-delivery or refund.

If the package is damaged, the buyer first checks to see if it affects the use of the product. If the situation is serious, the seller can re-send a copy or refund. If it is slightly damaged and does not affect normal use, the seller can give the buyer an appropriate preferential price to appease the buyer. Buyer sentiment.

The above are some common international logistics abnormal problems and solutions. It is recommended that powerful enterprises should combine international logistics transportation with local overseas warehouses. Don’t pursue low prices too much, because many logistics services are directly proportional to prices. of. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the stronger the guarantee, the more stable the timeliness, and the better the consumer experience. Please don’t lose more benefits in order to save a little courier cost.