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Recently, all sectors of British society are carrying out a series of strikes and protest movements, including Amazon workers, port workers, postal and railroad workers, airport workers, telecom workers, lawyers, medical staff, sanitation workers, teachers and so on, and some areas have even seen the phenomenon of garbage being left uncleared.

Why is it so serious?

Analysis of related sources: the national industry is facing enormous pressure, high inflation leading to price increases caused by this series of butterfly effects, price increases have far exceeded the limits of what the people can afford, prompting more and more people to join the wave of strikes.

The UK Office for National Statistics also said that inflation is expected to remain high in the future. A survey showed that affected by the rising cost of living due to inflation, 65% of respondents turned off their heating equipment, 44% drove less or switched to cheaper supermarkets, and 27% reduced their food consumption.

Impact on the supply chain

It is now known that Felixstowe dock workers are planning an eight-day strike from August 21 to 28, and Amazon workers also began participating in the strike last week, involving a number of Amazon warehouses in Tilbury, Coventry, Rugeley, Bristol, Colville, Dartford, Lisburn, Hemel Hempstead and Chesterfield.

Therefore, whether the recent sea unloading, or Amazon warehouse shelves, may be affected to a certain extent, the impact how much can not be predicted temporarily, please send the UK demand of sellers to make preparations for replenishment in advance, at the same time, we recommend that you choose to take a more stable Central European land transport, such as the international truck to UK.