The Chinese New Year has been dubbed “the world’s largest population migration,” with more than 500 million workers returning home across the country. During the holiday, not only factories shut down and enterprise are on holiday, but logistics delay problem will also be more serious than during the peak season. While Chinese New Year is officially only a week away (from January 21, 2023 to January 27, 2023), most businesses will be hobbled by overwhelming demand in the weeks following the event. Here we will give you some tips to deal with logistics delays during Chinese New Year to ensure your business can run smoothly.

Pay attention to the inventory and pre-sale situation, and prepare goods in advance. Always pay attention to your supply chain situation. Before the factory holiday, sellers can determine the stocking quantity according to the product sales situation and the number of days available, and “grab the stock” in advance, so as to avoid stock-out during the Spring Festival.

Rational replenishment, not blind distribution. Stocking also pays attention to cost. During the Spring Festival, the supply of goods is already tight. It is the best way to stock up according to your own pre-sale situation, and choose some products with high traffic volume for proper replenishment, so as to maximize the benefits with the least cost.

Communicate with suppliers. Timely communication with suppliers can allow import and export sellers to know in advance the situation of factory shutdown and production shutdown. Usually, these suppliers also have the experience and solutions to deal with unexpected situations. Therefore, it is best to communicate concerns and questions directly with the supplier.

Communicate with customers. During Chinese New Year, even with proper preparation, shipments may also be delayed after the holiday. In this case, it is best to inform the client directly of the delay. If possible, If possible, set up pre-order products to meet buyer expectations. The more transparent a seller’s operation is, the better the customer experience buying from an e-commerce site will be.

Using multiple logistics channels to get goods ready. The current logistics situation is not optimistic, if you want to ensure the products are on the shelves smoothly during the Spring Festival, you must make good arrangements for logistics and transportation. Import and export foreign trade enterprises need to consider the timeliness, price, and historical delivery rate of each channel, and also have a predictive judgment on the emergencies of each channel, so that they can know fairly well and rise to the occasion.

Choose regular professional logistics forwarder to cooperate. Whether it is stocking up in advance or logistics delivery during the Chinese New Year, you should choose a professional and reliable logistics forwarder for cooperation. Even if emergencies are encountered during the period, professional logistics providers will use experience and reasonable means to help deal with them. We have obtained 12 years of international logistics business experience, mainly focusing on logistics solutions such as FCL/LCL/DDU/DDP/FOB and global digital warehouse distribution of providing digital, transparency, and customized cross-border logistics solutions for global e-commerce business partners.

The above are some tips to deal with logistics delays during the Chinese New Year. We hope the import and export foreign trade sellers’ business is booming. All of us at DIDADI wish you a happy new year.