Warehousing and dropshipping service is a value-added service launched by logistics forwarder for import and export foreign trade enterprises. Through cooperation with logistics forwarder, import and export trade enterprises can take advantage of warehousing and logistics services to obtain the best operating status. So what are the advantages of using this service?

Reduce storage costs. Choosing to cooperate with a warehousing and dropshipping forwarder can directly transport the goods to the warehouse of the forwarder for storage, and the import and export foreign trade enterprises does not need to rent warehouses by themselves, which saves the cost of warehouse rent, warehouse management personnel, management equipment and other expenses.

Improve logistics timeliness. If you choose the warehousing and dropshipping mode, when an order enters your platform, the logistics system of the logistics provider will carry out the docking process, and the logistics operator will place the order, pack the goods, paste the order, sort, and leave the warehouse according to the order situation . This mode can be processed quickly, the delivery is efficient, and it can effectively improve the logistics timeliness.

Enjoy professional services. Logistics providers are specialized in warehousing and logistics, which are their areas of expertise. Whether it is in warehouse management, cargo storage, or logistics, they all have rich experience, complete facilities and equipment, logistics management system, infrastructure and rich logistics channel resources, so they can quickly process cargo.

Reduce operating costs. Warehousing and shipping are critical parts of your operations. Warehousing is handed over to the logistics company to be responsible and managed, the seller needs to manage fewer matters, and the efficiency of the operation is also improved. Moreover, if choosing the warehousing and dropshipping service, the import and export enterprises do not need to build their own warehouses or invest funds to maintain and manage.

Save manpower and material resources. The warehousing and dropshipping mode only requires the seller to send the goods to the warehouse of the logistics provider in advance. It does not need to have a warehouse or hire special personnel to manage it. It can save warehouse rent, facilities and equipment, and save manpower and material costs.

Improve product competitiveness. Professional logistics forwarder provide delivery services, consumers can get their packages faster, improve the shopping experience of consumers, and thus improve the competitiveness of products.

DIDADI has provided customers with professional warehousing and dropshipping services for more than 10 years, We built warehouse automation assembly line and independent research and development of digital management system in order to intelligently analyze the front-end and back-end storage capacity, rationally allocate the transportation volume and transportation mode of goods according to the inventory situation, and maximally optimize the supply chain cost and logistics timeliness to maximize the benefits of goods circulation.We will continue to improve and meet the new needs of customers.