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CN-EU丨Freight Market

EU Sea Freight

1. Several DPD transport vehicles in the UK lined up outside the Amazon warehouse and could not unload in time. It is expected to ease in the short term. During this period, the collection time will be affected for goods imported from overseas and arriving in the UK. In addition, the large-scale strike action of Royal Mail will also affect the normal delivery and receipt of other express companies to a certain extent. According to the feedback from the front line, the Christmas goods are currently piled up in the transit warehouse, which affects the normal pick-up of incoming goods.

2. The reliability of ocean shipping schedules in Asia-North Europe trade has been significantly improved. According to the liner reliability survey report published by Maritime Intelligence, the current average of Asia-Europe routes has reached 44.3%, and there is a clear and continuous upward trend.

3. The performance of various ports in Western Europe: Affected by the shortage of drivers, Bremerhaven has been in a state of serious congestion in the near future. The recent import goods in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Zeebrugge, Belgium, and Liverpool, England have a relatively long stay time, and the congestion in Hamburg Port is gradually easing.

CN-EU International Trucks

1. December 16th is the Independence Day of Kazakhstan. All ports in northern Xinjiang are expected to be closed for one day on that day. The specific closing time needs to wait for the official notice;

2. The congestion at some ports in Belarus leading to the EU has eased. However, due to the slow processing capacity of the port, the queue at the port of entry is still long. Transit vehicles have been diverted to different ports of entry with priority to avoid congestion.

CN-EU Railway Express

1. Recently, it takes a long time for the arrival inspection at the Malaszewicze Port, which leads to a certain degree of congestion on the trains and affects the timeliness. Although there will be severe weather such as cold waves in winter, it will not affect railway transportation;

2. On November 28, the newly added China Railway Express “Keqiao” departed from the Khorgos Railway Port. As of December, 19 new China Railway Express routes have been added to the Khorgos Port this year, accumulatively Up to 75.

· Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. The British Royal Mail announces the strike time, and it is necessary to be alert to the last mile delivery delay.

On December 5th, the British Royal Mail announced the deadline for Christmas shipping and advised customers to send their parcels before December 25th. Among them, collection will be stopped after December 23 at the latest. At present, Royal Mail has confirmed the strike actions on December 9th, 11th, 14th, and 15th. At that time, related delivery services may be delayed. For the last delivery, try to choose multiple delivery companies to share the risk of delay.

2. Winter wind and snow weather has little impact on China-Europe Express and shipping, and the stability is good.

After entering winter, the wind and snow in Northern Europe will have a certain impact on the efficiency of land transportation. The performance of railway and sea transportation is stable, and because the market volume has declined year-on-year, the congestion of dry ports and ports has basically eased. It is recommended that those who have international freight demand in the near future can Choice of rail and sea shipping channels.

CN-US丨Freight Market

1. During the Christmas holiday, the port’s operating capacity will be affected.

During the Christmas carnival shopping festival, consumers’ shopping needs will increase, resulting in greater pressure on logistics backlog and capacity. Insufficient personnel at the terminal will affect the operational efficiency to a certain extent.

2. U.S. President Biden signed a bill to prevent American railroad workers from going on strike.

Last Friday, the U.S. Congress forced unions to sign a bill that prevented a nationwide strike by railroad workers. The bill included a compound wage increase of 24% over five years, the largest pay increase for U.S. railroad workers in more than four decades. Eight of the 12 U.S. unions have ratified the agreement, and the remaining four rejected the agreement bill due to lack of paid sick leave, so there is still a threat of a strike on the American railroads.

3. A labor-management agreement at the ports of West America will be reached in early February 2023.

In order to eliminate importers’ concerns about the instability of the ports in the West of the United States and attract the return of goods that have been lost to the East of the United States, a labor agreement at the ports of the United States is expected to be reached in early February 2023.

· USA -Shipping Tips:

1. Pay attention to the time limit for picking up the cabinet will be delayed when arriving in Hong Kong during the Christmas holiday.

Containers can still be unloaded normally at the port during the Christmas period, but the efficiency of picking up containers at some terminals will be reduced or even stopped, and the time limit will be slightly delayed. According to the current shipping time limit and sailing situation, in order to maximize the logistics cost, we will ship express shipping this week. The ship’s cargo will arrive at the port after the start of the Christmas holiday, just staggering the Christmas holiday.

2. North American ports have smooth sailing schedules and stable shipping schedules, and all shipping routes can be selected with confidence.

Affected by the decline in market volume, the operation timeliness of the West American port and the Vancouver port in Canada are good, and there is no large-scale congestion. You can choose the appropriate channel for delivery according to your own stocking cycle needs. In addition, overseas warehouse channels can also be selected.

CN-US Express Register Solutions

Global shipping volumes are down 18% from a year ago, while capacity has increased as airlines gradually resume more flights. Meanwhile, air cargo rates are down 41% from a year ago, according to the Baltic Air Cargo Index, which measures spot market and long-term contract prices.