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EU Sea Freight

1. The dockers of Felixstowe port and Liverpool port, the two largest ports in Britain, are planning to strike. Among them, the dockers of Felixstowe announced that they would carry out an eight-day strike from August 21st to 28th, which would definitely affect the port operations, such as unloading and delivering containers at the port. So far, the shipping lines haven’t given any evasion plan.

2. The water level of the Rhine River continues to drop due to the severe drought, which directly aggravates the energy crisis, increases living cost of local people and possibility of strike in Europe. All of these may make the cost of terminal delivery higher.

3. To release the pressure on the container yard, Rotterdam port, Netherlands, began to transfer the containers which had been stranded at the terminal for more than 30 days. At present, there is no obvious congestion or operation obstruction in Antwerp port, Rotterdam and Pirai port, Greece.

CN-EU International Trucks

1. Affected by the recent epidemic in Xinjiang, many ports need to adhere to the covid-19 prevention and control policy to strengthen the regional epidemic prevention and control measures. Currently our truck shipping services hasn’t been affected at the port, and keep the average clearance time 2 days.

2. The congestion at the border ports of Belarus and Poland has been alleviated recently. And the entry period limit of vehicles has gotten rid of the influence of congestion now and remains about 1-2 days.

CN-EU Railway Express

1. Recently, the cargo volume of the freight train market has increased significantly, and the carrying capacity of some countries along the line is limited due to the imperfect railway infrastructure and insufficient labor force. The outbound traffic at ports has been congested, and the timeliness of the trunk line is expected to be delayed for 5-7 days.

2. Our company has optimized the line in advance to minimize the impact of congestion on the overall timeliness of the line. At present, the timeliness achievement rate of railway commitment is still 100%.

· Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. Supply chain affected by strike in Britain ports, regional social problems hard to be solved quickly

This strike is a national social contradiction. There have been different degrees of strikes in various industries in the UK, including Amazon workers, postal workers and railway workers. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure that the strike can return to normal in a short time. We will continue to follow up the latest information.

2. Truck services holds stable timeliness, not affected by domestic and overseas customs congestion, very recommended!

In terms of stability and timeliness, the performance of truck service has always been excellent after the Russia-Ukraine War. Although many trucks are congested at Xinjiang ports and Belarus ports in the market, our company has excellent timeliness performance of our trucks so far, which is recommended.


1. Due to the leakage of chemicals in the Perris Railway, California, Highway 215 was blocked and unsealed at 3 PM on August 13, while the nearby Amazon warehouses # ONT8, ONT9 and XLX2 were also resumed simultaneously with the opening.

2. In the first half of the year, many retailers have shipped large quantities of goods to the ports of East Coast and Gulf Coast in advance, resulting in an increase of 11.9% in cargo volume to the east of the United States, so that the current congestion is more serious, only less than one-fifth of the containers can arrive on time, with an average delay of 9.9 days. And due to continued congestion, the U.S. East freight rates still on an upward trend.

3. The situation of port operation and ship queuing in at LA/LB wasn’t changed, so the arrival time and pick-up efficiency as well.

· USA -Shipping Tips:

1. The overall freight rate drops slowly, but the rate for the eastern US routes still maintain the upward trend

Affected by the overall demand slowdown, the global freight in a downward trend. However, due to the large increase in cargo volume in the first half of the U.S. East, the cargo volume has exceeded the capacity of the port, combined with the lack of truck and inland capacity ,terminal container backlog is more serious, it is difficult to ease in the short term, And the U.S. East freight rates will also increase against the global trend.

2、Recent good time-efficiency of general shipping, a cost-effective first choice

As the market volume is lower than expected, the timeliness and stability of the recent general ship are relatively good. It is a cost-effective choice. Highly recommended!

CN-US Express Register Solutions

1. With the gradual recovery of the COVID 19 pandemic, the land transport between China mainland and Hong Kong has resumed normal traffic, and the current clearance is stable.

2. The overall operation of major airports in the United States is stable, and more flight capacity will be further released to increase summer flights in the near future.

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