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EU Sea Freight

1. An Eight-day strike by dockers at the Port of Felixstowe has ended on August 28, the port is almost at a standstill. The shipping company has arranged port hopping for the vessels scheduled to arrive at the port during this time. The container will be unloaded at the Nordic port first, and then returned to Felixstowe. The overall delay is expected to be 2-3 weeks. The strike action has seriously affected the supply chain. The terminal operator leader states: After this strike, it is expected to take two months to clear the backlog of containers at the terminal. If there are further strikes after this, Christmas shipments will also be affected.

2. Dockworkers at the Liverpool Port have started a voting strike, there are a new round of strike action predicted. The strike time has not yet been determined. Ports in Germany, Spain and France are congested due to labor shortage; Although the Rotterdam port yard occupancy rate is still high, the terminal operations are normal.

CN-EU International Trucks

1. Alashankou Port was affected by the epidemic in Xinjiang. All overseas vehicles were strictly checked for nucleic acid testing, so the port has been congested, the customs clearance time will be slightly delayed by 1-3 days. It’s expected to improve next week.

2. Our company has transferred to Baktu port in advance to avoid congestion. Last week, this port cancelled the entry mode at the front of the vehicle, and the Drop-and-pull efficiency was greatly improved.

【Reminder of port closure】

Kazakhstan Constitution Day (30th, Aug): Beijiang Port is expected to be closed for 3 days (28th, Aug to 30th, Aug);

Mid-Autumn Festival (10th, Sep): On September 10, Beijiang Port is expected to be closed for 1 day.

CN-EU Railway Express

Recently, the train market cargo volume has increased significantly, and the port epidemic control is still relatively strict. The influx of large-scale orders in the short term has exceeded the port’s carrying capacity. According to our company’s line monitoring data, due to the impact of ports congestion, the average delay of domestic trunk lines is 4-6 days, the overseas trunk lines are smooth and free of congestion after transshipment at the port.

· Europe -Shipping Tips:

1. At present, UK ports are currently very uncertain, we recommend to prepare Christmas goods by trucks and railways to diversify risks.

According to the union leader, if operators and workers cannot reach an agreement, the strike will continue until Christmas. So before it, the port operations are subject to great uncertainty. For Amazon UK seller, if you need to prepare Christmas goods, we recommend to distribute the goods by trucks and railways to diversify risks.

2. Truck Shipping has a stable timeliness and has avoided the congested section in advance. Highly recommended!

No matter its stability or timeliness, Truck Shipping has always performed very well after the Russian Ukrainian war. Although many trucks in the market are congested at the Xinjiang port, our company has avoided the congested section in advance by relying on resource advantages. The timeliness of our currently completed Truck Shipping is excellent. Highly recommended to choose!


1. Supply and demand problems in the market have led to a continued decline in freight rates recently. The standard annual cyclical peak season appears to have been delayed, but due to over-ordering and sluggish demand, Trans-Pacific Eastbound (TPEB) freight volumes are expected to decline through the end of the year. The percentage of U.S. intermodal delays, cancellation of voyage, port congestion and are continuing to affect schedule reliability despite the lower rates.

2. Chassis shortages is continuing, particularly in Chicago, New York/New Jersey, Memphis and Los Angeles.

3. Affected by supply and demand, the total volume of containers in the U.S. West port yard has a notable downward trend, since the high level in June has declined by more than 30%, the current overall operating efficiency of the terminal is good and no significant fluctuations in the near future.

· USA -Shipping Tips:

1. Container demand decline, the general freight rates slowly downward, the U.S. East route fluctuations are not obvious.

Affected by the overall market demand slowdown, global freight rates are in a downward trend, the market for container orders in August-September showed a significant decline, but the total decline in freight rates was not large due to the little improvement in terminal congestion, and cancellation of voyage and omit call affected the performance of the ship schedule, offsetting the impact of the decline in cargo volume.

2. Recently the regular ships have good time efficiency, which is a good choice for cost-effective.

Due to the overall volume of ocean freight market is lower than expected, the recent general shipping out of the timeliness and stability are relatively good and cost-effective, so highly recommended!

CN-US Express Register Solutions

1. in general, the trend of air cargo market tends to moderate, aviation fuel prices continue to be stable, Shenzhen – Hong Kong (SZX-HKG) cross-border business in continuous improvement, China – Hong Kong land transport normal traffic, the current cargo clearance passage is stable.

2. TPEB and FEWB routes have weak market demand and stable rates; with the end of summer, demand for FEWB routes is expected to increase.

Goods without or with battery are all shippable.